I’m the Snake

Jul 15, 2024

Mar track, work in progress, set to a scene from Vagabond (1985, dir. Agnès Varda).

Snake Worship

Jul 10, 2024

A brown snake in a simple pose curled around the head
Brachyorrhos amaemus
A person with a snake coiled around their face and head
Port-au-Prince, 2004
Snake woven tightly into itself
Coluber Alleghaniensis
A woman with a blissful expression and long flowing hair embracing someone at her chest, her limbs curled like a snake
Top portion of Water Snakes I by Gustav Klimt
A person in a red head covering gazes into the camera behind a small snake curled on their face
A healing snake.
A man with long hair spills out from the mouth of a large snake, with a woman in elaborate dress looks on holding a staff and a bird
Athena watches a man reborn from the mouth of a serpent. She wears snakes on her back and the head of Medusa on her chest.
A tangle of snake bodies in a bed of dry leaves, multiple heads visible
Group of snakes mating
A woman stretches her body out with a relaxed expression, the lower half of her body mutating into snakes and the face of a tortured man
”Serpentine Super Woman“
A snake artfully coiled looking off to the left
Coronella rhomba-maculata


Jul 1, 2024

Falling into the Ocean, in rain.

Thank the thieves who set you free.

7 Seconds, Champion, 108

Jun 30, 2024, From the Archives

Punks piled into the crowd at a show, most of them grinning, one of them looks a little smooshed and distressed.
The crowd for 7 Seconds and Champion.

7 Seconds and Champion at ICC Church in Allston (Boston), March 2005. Plus one photo from a 108 show, maybe Boston, but probably 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California, also circa 2006.

A microphone is held in a crowd of dudes, their limbs going in every direction.
Champion (I think), and the crowd.
A guitarist jumping in the air.
A small group screams together into a microphone.
The front-person leans in to scream with the audience.
7 Seconds.
A sweaty man with a shaved head and a streak of black paint on his cheek looks intensely to the side.
A band performs while someone is crouched low with an SLR camera.
Me photographing the crowd during Champion's set.
Two guitarists jump in the air while a small person off to the side photographs.
Me photographing 7 Seconds.

Wild Animal

Jun 17, 2024

The road in overcast sunset, Texas, March 2024.

Started the year with a housing crisis, hit the road, and ended up feeling the most free I’ve maybe been in my life.

I am a wild animal and I will claw my way out of anything.

A mix of phone video from my travels: Flat rural Colorado; Oaks overhead with Spanish Moss in Louisiana; A still Long Island Sound with black rock in Connecticut. Voice-over dialogue from the film Carol.

Carol: I'm going away for a while.

Therese: When? Where?

Carol: Wherever my car will take me. West. Soon... And, I thought, perhaps you might like to come with me... Would you?

Therese: Yes. Yes I would.

“Mariassunta” S/T Album Released

May 19, 2023

"Mariassunta" offers a dreamy atmosphere with airy vocals and hypnotic rhythms over its eight tracks. The lyrics speak to personal experiences like surviving depression, being a relationship anarchist, and just chilling the fuck out.

Many of the melodies were written in unknown tunings by simply laying my fingers on the strings where they wish to lay, a sort of divination. Others began as drone notes hummed without thinking while walking through the neighborhood cemetery.

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“Mariassunta” cover art

Special Edition Butterfly Box & USB

Limited edition letterpress box with USB drive and butterfly weed fluff.

“I Miss the Pain” Music Video Released

Mar 27, 2023

Official music video for the song "I Miss the Pain" by Mariassunta. Video by me (Kay Belardinelli).

New Mar Album Released: “Everything is Alive”

Oct 14, 2022

“Everything is Alive” album cover. Listen on Bandcamp.

Written over three years of ecological disaster and psychological crisis, "Everything is Alive" is a personal expression of remorse, rage, catharsis, and renewal.

“warmest” EP Released

Jul 23, 2021

“warmest” album cover

A collection of home demos.

“warmest” was written and recorded at home in providence, rhode island, between december 2020 and may 2021.

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“Il Vulcano” EP Out Now

Oct 2, 2020

“Il Vulcano” album cover

Haunting, mournful, hopeful. A story of longing, burning, and starting over.

“Il Vulcano” was recorded in isolation March-July 2020.

Listen on Bandcamp

Update October 22: “Behind the lyrics of dark, haunting, mournful new offering from Providence artist Mariassunta” from Idioteq