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Kay Belardinelli

is an interdisciplinary artist exploring psychological trauma and its effects on the body.

Through stark memoir, ethereality, and ritual healing, my work reflects the complex and fragmented nature of a post-traumatic self.

As a survivor of childhood and interpersonal violence, I confront these past traumas with candor and catharsis. From pain I draw not only meaning but power.

Portrait of Kay Belardinelli
Depiction of Saint Maria Goretti outside her birth home in Italy. Photograph taken by Kay Belardinelli in March of 2018.

My work pulls from a connection to the Catholic saint Maria Goretti, a young girl murdered while refusing her assailant’s sexual advances. My great-grandmother Esterina was cousins with Maria, sharing a bed with her as a child in the Italian village of Corinaldo.

Building on the complexity of this family tree, my work simultaneously holds pain and darkness with magic and belonging.

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