vibrant red liquid on skin

We humans are in fact living organisms. We bleed and breathe, breed and grow. We are mammals, animals, our bodies built of skin, blood, and bones. We are beautiful, repulsive, and erotic all at once.

Many of us forget our primal vitality, and see our own bodies as foreign and unusual. Culture urges us to hide, even eliminate evidence of our animalism. Our bodily functions are regarded as private and indecent, our carnal desires as immature and distasteful. We seem to fear their power and are often at odds with them.

This inhibiting world is far too dry and civilized. Within it, I feel strange and alone, and often fall prey to the miserable grayness of it all. I feel a desire, and a need, to reconnect with the beautiful and living.

light skin with red lines similar to veins

Research and Trials

To inform this project, I conducted a research study to “identify how sensory stimuli evoke pleasurable response in humans”.

Two rounds of the survey were conducted. The first asks “What is sexy/erotic to you?”, the second “What is euphoric or incredibly pleasurable to you?”, with subheadings for each of the five senses.

The results were aggregated for anonymity:
Survey #1 (sexy/erotic) Results (PDF)
Survey #2 (euphoric/pleasurable) Results (PDF)

The photographs in this series were printed on oversized glossy paper for a lustrous, almost wet appearance. The image here shows an installation of early experiments. Viewers were given slices of mango and grapefruit to taste while viewing.

Scans of two forms, each filled out by hand by two different writers.
Survey responses.
Large glossy closeup photos of human flesh on a white wall, with a person inspecting one of the photos and holding a plastic cup.
College review installation, 2008.